KIDS Short Breaks Service

Our meeting on Wednesday 16 May 2018 saw two speakers. There were the usual reports before our speakers, including an announcement that the Pinner Village Show presence of the Club would be back to full strength as in previous years.

Our speakers, pictured above, were Leanne (left) and Gurpreet (right) from KIDS.  Our Club has had a long association with the charity Kids Out, but this was something different, and new to us.

Aimed a those with a disability in the age range 0 – 25, KIDS recognises that it is more expensive to raise a disabled child, and often the parent(s) struggle to cope with the fewer opportunities available.

KIDS helps realise their aspirations and helps search out the opportunities they need.  Last year, they were able to help 13,500 children nationally.  Encouraging play and leisure activities through short breaks in Harrow is a major activity, and Harrow has provided some support for their work.  As well as child-led activities, KIDS also acts as a centre for information and advice for the parent(s).

Well done Gurpreet and Leanne, and thank you for telling us all about KIDS.

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