Lending With Care For Hope

Our meeting on 19 January 2022 was a face to face Business Meeting at the Beefeater, Kenton.

Our Club President was a little under the weather with a course of antibiotics, so the meeting was chaired by the President Elect.  Aside from the usual reports, we learned about a puncture on the M25 whilst delivering 43 bags of milk bottle tops – yes the project is still running! – and we learned about the fundraising achievements during the Christmas season.

The Club’s Lend With Care (https://lendwithcare.org/) project got a detailed report showing the progress being made with the modest investment made by the Club.  When a loan to an entrepreneur in a developing country is repaid – and almost all have been repaid – the loan is reinvested so that another entrepreneur benefits.  Typical loan values have been about £15, and whilst that does not do much in the UK, in developing countries it can make the difference between a business starting and not starting.  To date the Club’s project has benefited 110 entrepreneurs and created 61 jobs.  After a short discussion, the Club decided to double its investment in this worthwhile programme.

Next week, our meeting will be on–line again, featuring the forthcoming changes to the Highway Code as laid out by the Government website.

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