Exchange of Banners Illustrates our International Contacts





One of the things that Rotary Clubs do is mark a visit to another Club with the presentation of a banner/bannerette, and here we see two examples of that happening at our meeting on Wednesday 17 August 2011.

In the first picture, our speaker, Taylor King from near San Diego in the USA, who was sponsored for a Short Term Youth Exchange programme by the Rotary Club of Coronado in California, and is in the UK for a few weeks. Before coming to the UK, her family hosted Luciana, who lives in Harrow. Here we see Taylor presenting President Pushpinder with a banner from the Rotary Club of Coronado. We were told that the Hotel del Coronado which is featured on the banner is famous in part because the film Some Like It Hot (Marilyn Munroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis) had the beach scenes set there.

In the second picture, Alexandre Rosinska presents a banner from the Rotary Club of Warszawa Jozefow, one of nine clubs in the city of Warsaw. Alexandre is on the New Generations programme and is here for a few months to improve her English. She is currently working in the Law Courts and will be transferring soon to a Charitable Foundation to expand her experience.

If you think an exchange with a young person from another country would help you develop an international perspective and you are at school or studying in London, please contact our Rotary Youth Exchange Officer Di our London Youth Exchange Officer.

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