The Fixing of What’s Wrong

Our meeting on Wednesday 22 May 2024 was an on-line meeting with a virtual speaker, Andrew Yang who gave a TED Talk in Vancouver, BC in April 2024.

The title of his talk was “Why US politics is broken — and how to fix it”.  Normally a Rotary Club will steer clear of political debate, but the burden of his talk was not political.  It was all about a system that appears not to be working as it should, how it could be fixed and at what cost.  Those are topics that are always of interest to Rotarians!

TED describe his talk as follows: “The electoral system in the United States needs a redesign, says political reformer Andrew Yang. Exposing the flaws of a system built on poor incentives, he proposes a cost-effective overhaul inspired by primary elections already working in places like Alaska and advocates for ranked-choice voting, where voters can choose candidates in order of preference regardless of party, stemming the influence of extreme ideologies.”

Given the number of elections taking place around the world in 2024, this talk held the attention of the members at the meeting.

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