Spend Spend Spend on Ukraine

Our meeting on 10 August 2022 was an on-line Business Meeting where the Club heard about its successful application for a Foundation Grant of $25,000 for relieving the suffering and discomfort of Ukrainian Refugees on the Moldovan border.  Our special guest at the meeting was our Rotary Global Grant Scholar Katie who is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lancaster, PA.

Fortunately our Club is fully qualified to process a major grant like this one, having undergone all the required training, and having signed the all important Memorandum of Understanding with the Rotary Foundation.

Work on the grant is processing rapidly, and our treasurer is managing to keep up with the invoices from the wholesalers providing the items, and making the required payments on time.  The Club is very grateful for this grant, and is working hard to make sure that the money is very carefully spent.  Currently, the shipment is due to travel to the refugees on the border with Ukraine and Moldova on 22 August 2022.

The Club has a Quiz Night planned for 24 September 2022, and a Bingo Night on 30 November 2022.  We all hope that this means things are starting to get back to normal!

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