Planning for Winter 2022-23

Our meeting on Wednesday 12 October 2022 was a Club Business Meeting at which some important plans were laid for the coming Winter.

One new project that the Club has got in the planning stage is the collection of unwanted winter coats and jackets so that these can be re-purposed for those suffering from the cold in the coming months.  Various ways of going about the project, based on the experience of other Rotary Clubs, were considered and we look forward to a concrete plan in November.

We heard about the new vaccine that Rotary is using to overcome the number of cases of circulating Vaccine Derived Polio Virus (cVDPV).  The new vaccine – nOPV2 – has been engineered to prevent the random mutations that can occur in poor immunised communities.

Our annual Christmas Card project is set to return this year, which will save members some money on postage, but that is being offset by an increase in meal cost in the near future.

Next week we have a speaker on PACE Charitable Trust (, a charity that  promotes the inclusion and active participation of young disabled people in sports, leisure and social activities, making our work last weekend on the North London Disability Games even more relevant than before.

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