Doing Business at Some Speed

Our meeting on Wednesday 09 November 2022 was an on-line business meeting at which a number of decisions were made concerning the forthcoming Christmas Period.

Firstly there was the question of tickets for the coming Remembrance Sunday Service at the Harrow Civic Centre, the occasion on which we remember all those who have died in the service of their country, and all those who were injured too.

Plans for Charity Collections at Christmas are also being finalised, and we are all looking forward to our opportunity to support a number of local charities.

There is the coming Special General Meeting at which Club Officers for the next Rotary Year (starting on 01 July 2023) are elected.  Nominations for the officers need to be received now.  There are also the arrangements for our Christmas Meal on 14 December 2022 to plan for, and the invitations to be sent out.

Our plans for 30 November 2022 have now changed, and we will be undertaking a Scatter Meeting that week.  The purpose is to visit another Rotary Club that week rather than attend a meeting of our own Club.  The reports on Club Visits the following week should be impressive!  And all of these topics (and others) were dealt with in just 30 minutes!!

Next week however we are looking forward to the Official Visit of The Worshipful the Mayor of the London Borough of Harrow, Councillor Janet Mote.


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