Assembly- Our Plan for 22-23

Our meeting on Wednesday 08 June 2022 was our Club Assembly, the meeting at which our Club’s plans for 2022-23 are presented and agreed, including the budget.

With our current President taking a back seat, it was time for our President for 22-23, Nigel, to take the chair and run the meeting.  There are many changes coming to our Club structure and its way of working in the coming year, all aimed at making the Club more flexible in its organisation, offering greater opportunities for the members to use their skills, and increase their enjoyment and engagement.

Each of the new Committee Chairs was given the opportunity to describe how this new approach will be implemented in their plans, and whilst we are keeping what is good and working well, we all know that there is the potential to do more.

The new team takes over on 29 June 2022, and it looks like a very active 12 months to come.

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