Major Gifts and Endowments

Our speaker on 30 September 2020 was a familiar face for many of the longer serving members of the Club – it was Mike Hodge, a past district governor and a former Rotary Foundation Chairman for the London District.  He is currently serving on the Rotary Foundation’s International Team as an Endowment and Major Gifts Adviser for Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland. Before he spoke, we had the usual business and some updates on events being organised by the Club.  There was also the good news that the Club has been awarded a Gold Citation for its membership work up to 30 June 2020, signed by the previous Rotary International President, Mark Maloney.

Mike then went through a short background to the Rotary Foundation, describing how it enables Rotarians to do their service.  He then provided a long list of awards and recognition items that the Rotary Foundation awards to its donors.  On a more sombre note, he described how Legacies, Benefactors and Bequests can ease the Estate Planning to minimise the tax that needs to be paid on one’s demise.

There are a number of groupings and schemes that recognise the donations that Rotarians make, ending up with the Arch Klumpf Society, a grouping for Rotarians that can spare $250,000 USD for our many causes.

This was a technical talk, but well delivered and quite absorbing for the members.

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