Club is featured in National Press

Photo by kind permission of Mark Large

The Club took part in a litter-picking exercise in Woodcock Park on Friday 22 March 2019, and to our great delight, the Daily Mail reported on the event the next day, mentioning our involvement.

The project was part of the Daily Mail’s initiative to support clearing up the litter that is so casually dropped in all communities these days.  The Club has extensive links with schools in our Community as well as with the local trade association, the Kenton Area Traders’ Association and many local businesses.  The members of the Club were there to support the initiative and do their share of work in tidying the environment.

A spokesman for the Rotary Club said, “This is an easy project for a Rotary Club.  We all care about our environment, and this was a special opportunity for our Club to demonstrate its support for the youngsters taking the initiative about the condition of our local parks.  We recommend this simple idea to all the Rotary Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland.”

The Club expresses its warm appreciation to Mark Large for permission to use his photo of the event.

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