Club Gets Positive Health Check

We did not have a Speaker as such at our meeting on Wednesday 27 March 2019, but we had a most interesting meeting none the less! Our President Elect, Rachelle, has formed a Strategy Group within the Club, and following discussions in February 2019, it was decided that the Club should have a look at the Rotary International Health Check.

Before that, there were reports of visits, a discussion on the Youth Service District Assembly (13 May 2019 at 6:30pm), the Dementia Club and the day for Kids Out this year (12 June 2019).  The Club agreed to purchase a plaque for the Chattertots Structure that had been purchased with a District Grant.

It was then time to review the Club Health Check and have a go at answering some questions.  The structure had been improved by offering a scale (a semantic differential) in place of a simple Yes/No, and some analysis software had been set up as well.  Members then sat down and worked through the questions on The Club Experiences, and Social & Service activities.  The analysis was circulated to the members within 48 hours of the event.

All agreed that the process was quite interesting and pleasant, and the process will be repeated when we have a full attendance.  The analysis will go back to the Strategy Group who will have the task of proposing a series of actions to the Club to address the issues found in the responses to the Health Check.

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