Chinese Start to 2017

The Club’s first meeting in 2017 was at the Chi-Ka-Yan Chinese Restaurant in Hatch End rather than our normal venue and took place on 4 January 2017.

The members all seemed fully recovered from their Christmas and New Year activities, some having travelled back from visits overseas to the USA and to Israel amongst many other locations. Being principally a social occasion, no business was conducted.

As well as friends of the Club being present, we also had a visit from our Global Grant Scholar Teresa, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Trinita Dei Monti (Rome) who will be facing giving a Seminar to her fellow students, sitting some examinations and writing a dissertation on a subject of her choice in the remainder of her academic year in London.  No one in the Club envied her those tasks!

The Chinese Meal in our New Year is in no way connected with The Chinese New Year, and we will be celebrating the arrival of the Red Rooster on 28 January at another occasion.

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