Business Gets Under Way

Our first proper meeting of the year on Wednesday 11 January took place at our normal venue, and picked up business from the preceding weeks.  We also had a visit from one of our Honorary Members, Harold Kirby.

As well as reports of visits to other Clubs over the holiday – one from Jerusalem, another from Paphos, we also had newsletters to circulate.

We then got down to business. Our support for a public library and community centre in South Africa resulted in a detailed report of their new activities, and the new groups of young people taking an interest in literacy.  The Club will be doing a “Dictionary for Life” project in a local school, and our partner club in Italy will be visiting us for the weekend of 12-14 May 2017.  There was discussion of the fire at the Revival Centre in Chernihiv, Ukraine and the Club’s donation to help fund reparations.  We also had a progress report on how the Youth Competitions were progressing in local schools.

Lastly we received a fundraising report summarising our Christmas activities and their association donations.

There was agreement to hold an Open Information Meeting on 1st March, to investigate a return to the Phumlani Creche in South Africa that we supported in previous years, and there were details of our Sunday Lunch with District Governor Helen. And suddenly a new year had started and the Club was back at work!

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