Minibus arrives in Ukraine


The Minibus driven by two Club members, Helen and Dick has reached the Capital City of the Ukraine – Kyiv.

Have started their journey on Tuesday morning at 4.30am, and having dealt with the enormous queues at Dover, they finally reached Calais. From there is was a comparatively simple drive through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

The experience at the border to the Ukraine was an entire adventure in its own right. Never have so many pages been stamped with stamps of so many colours!

After the reception at Kyiv organised by the Rotarians of Kyiv Citi Club, they drove North for 2 hours until they reached Chernihiv, and parked the Minibus in the Revival Centre Car Park.

CarParkx248 dinnerx248





There was then time for a quick meal before all collapsed in their beds for the night.

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