Facebook for Rotary Clubs


Our speaker on Wednesday 01 July 2015 was Graham Baker from the Rotary Club of Southgate, who came to explain the value of Facebook and how a Rotary Club should use Facebook.


Before we got to grips with the subject, we had important business to conduct! Our Vice President Mollie Hacking – now returned to health – was inducted by President Ritu. We also had a visitor from the Rotary Club of Mangalore, on the West Coast of India, Rotarian Venugopal K Puthran, and a visitor to our Club from our local community – Thaiman Sivakumar.

Graham broke his talk into two sections – what Facebook is; and how to use it.

The Rotary Club of Southgate has taken a different approach from us. We use Facebook to get people to view our website. (We also use Twitter for this purpose.) The Southgate Club has a fairly static and unchanging website which they use to get people to view their Facebook page. (They use Twitter to get people to their Facebook page too.) Their statistics were impressive given that they have only been using Facebook for one year. (We have been going a little longer with Facebook and have, at the time of writing, three times as many ‘friends’.)

Sadly the analysis of the Friends/Fans would not work on the slow connection available at our venue, and that part of the presentation had to be skipped. Some members were ‘au fait‘ with the Facebook information – others were less clear.

We are all agreed however that what counts is not so much the number of friends and fans as the quality of the Rotary Service! Thank you Graham for an inspiring talk.

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