Christmas Collections Start






On Saturday 29 November 2014, the Club started is annual Christmas Charity Collections.

Thanks to the super support we received from the staff at Sainsburys in Kenton, we were able to collect outside their store for the whole of the day.

We received a wonderful response from the public, and it is a great pleasure to apply every single penny that we collect from the public to projects for the elderly, projects for youth in our community, projects for the disadvantaged, and projects supporting our international work, including the eradication of polio and the control of the ebola outbreak. Several other “Rotary Supported Charities” will also benefit. Unlike so many organisations in our field, we make no deductions at all from the money donated by members of the public. All our costs are met by the members of the Club.

Thanks to the shoppers in Kenton, and thanks to the staff and management at Sainsburys.

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