Polio Story is Hit in Primary School (Sep 13)

Alison Storrie, Deputy Headteacher at Salusbury Road Primary School stands with a Thanks for Life poster in the meadow area of the school’s garden where staff and pupils will be planting 1,000 purple crocuses this autumn. The corms, provided by the Rotary Club of Northwick Park, will flower during February 2011, and help highlight the progress of Rotary International in eradicating polio. The school already supports UNICEF and the Rights of the Child, and staff were delighted to hear about our success in eradicating polio. A member of our Club has now been invited to speak to the pupils at the school about the disease and the importance of its eradication. Eager gardners should watch the Chris Beardshaw video before planting if squirrels are likely to prove a problem. Salusbury Road Primary School’s garden has plenty!!

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