Is It History or Hysteria?

Our speaker on Wednesday 06 March 2024 was our own member and Past President, Andrew, who spoke on the subject of the quality and accuracy of historical records.

Andrew’s interest in History as a subject had been inspired by two of his school teachers, and he had done well at the subject.  However, a Christmas present he received one year had extended his interest significantly.  It was a book with many illustrations and photographs of paintings.  However, the narrative record did not always align with the events depicted in the illustrations and paintings, and Andrew wanted to know which to believe.

So how do historians correlate the events with the narrative that is required by the times?  What are the influences that the historian has to take into account?  How have those influences changed over time?

Andrew’s talk delved into Religion, Politics, Race and many other topics, but throughout the talk there was no antipathy – only curiosity.  His talk spanned the ages from ancient BC through to 2120 – when future historians will try to make sense of what is happening today.

Andrew delved deeply into the tale of the Princes in the Tower – Edward V and his younger brother Richard of Shrewsbury.  But to learn his conclusion, you will have to hear his talk.  This was a much enjoyed walk down the path of history which led to many questions from the floor.

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