Club’s AGM Part 1 Completed!


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Our meeting on Wednesday 08 May 2024 was an on-line meeting where Part 1 of the Annual General Meeting was completed.  Normally, matters concerning the following year are dealt with in Part 1, allowing a little more time for the final reports of the Service Committees to complete last minute activities as we approach the end of the Rotary Year on 30 June 2024 when we hold Part 2.

We confirmed the signatories on the Club’s Bank Account which have been reduced now from 6 to 4, and we confirmed the appointment of the Club’s Account Examiners – Andrew and Ros – who will examine the Accounts for the year 2023-2024 during August and September 2024.  (The Accounts for the year 2023-2023 were examined and officially adopted by the Club at the Special General Meeting back on 08 November 2023.)

We discussed potential Honorary Members, but as the candidates had not been contacted, this element was postponed for a later meeting once they had been contacted (possibly AGM Part 2?).

We then confirmed our Elected Ordinary Members of the 2024-2025 Club Council as Andrew, Helen, Rachelle and Siva (in alphabetical order).  They were elected unopposed.  We also elected our District Council Representatives for 2024-2025 – Ros, Ritu and as Substitute Representative we elected Siva.

We then had a brief account of the current position from the Service Chairs in the Club.

There were finally some items of current business including agreeing the Club’s expenditure on Kids Out day, the cancellation of a District Training Session owing to poor attendance, and an attendance at one session that our member had not attended!


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