Business Meeting’s Good News

Our meeting on Wednesday 24 January 2024 was a delayed Business Meeting from earlier in the the month.

Sometimes Business Meetings can be a little bit procedural, but on this occasion there were several items of good news for the Club – mostly from the Club Treasurer!  After several months of difficult work dealing with ‘the authorities’, our Club Trust Fund is now working as intended and is in good health following the Club’s recent fundraising activities.

The Club is holding an event next week (31 January 2024) to inform our members about the workings of the Rotary Foundation, and several local Clubs have indicated their interest and will be attending the session with us.

Interest has also been expressed by a local junior school in forming a Rotakids Club, and that will give members of our Club a new area of activity for them to enjoy.  There is also to be a membership drive in North West London that our Club will be leading and that will be combined with a North West London social event.

All told, it was a quick meeting and contained a lot of positive news!

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