Another Ukraine load sent

On Thursday 25 January 2024, members of the Club assembled at one of their homes to load a van heading to Ukraine with items of aid and some medical equipment.

The Club has been working with Felsted Aid for Deprived Children (now known as UK-Aid) since hearing about the project in 2011.  We were delighted at Christmas in 2023 to see that the Revival Centre in Chernihiv had survived almost intact, and was hosting Christmas Celebrations as shown on their video.  We took special pleasure in sending our greetings to the Revival Centre who were celebrating Christmas at the same date as Western Europe.

We collect the aid over several months, and it is taken to a central warehouse in Essex, and then shipped to Ukraine.  Our congratulations go to all those at Felsted Aid for Deprived Children (UK-Aid) for their continuing achievement with the Revival Centre which has been visited by several club members over the years.

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