Take A Journey Through Japan

Our Meeting on Wednesday 02 August 2023 featured two of our members talking about a recent journey they had taken through Japan in May this year.

With a selection of photos and videos, June and Dick provided a detailed experience of their two week tour through Japan.  They had started with a long flight direct from Heathrow to Tokyo, and then made an internal flight to Sapporo where their tour started.

They had seen towns and cities, and experienced two earthquakes during their stay. They had seen shrines and temples, and claimed to have been to Hell – otherwise known as Noboribetsu.  They had also experienced a number of museums and demonstrations, including the music played during the Nebuta festival in Aomori.

There had been an ample opportunity to sample Japanese cuisine and drinks, and they had even ventured out on their own in the evenings to sample Japanese night life.

After two weeks, they felt that they needed a holiday, but they had seen and experienced an enormous amount of life in Japan, from Sapporo to Osaka.  The members had lots of questions at the end of their talk.


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