Our Plan for 2023-24 Agreed

Our meeting on Wednesday 21 June 2023 was our Club Assembly when our programme and plan for the Rotary Year 2023-2024 (which starts on 01 July 2023) was proposed and agreed by the members of the Club.

The Chairs of the Club Committees were confirmed by our Club President for 2023-2024, Mike Stonham.  Sadly, not all of the Chairs were present at the meeting, but the majority were there and described a new strategy for the coming year.

It will be a mix of new ideas and activities, alongside the projects that have been established over the years and need to continue in the coming year.  Of particular interest was a discussion on the development of a Satellite Group for the Club.  Our last Satellite Group is now a Rotary Club in its own right.  We also want to work on the concept of a District Hub which will allow members of the public to become involved in Rotary without having to join a traditional Rotary Club.

Added to this, our long established humanitarian projects that benefit both the local community and those in need overseas, especially those suffering from natural disasters, will continue.  In particular, the Club’s commitment to the people of Ukraine will continue, as will the stream of aid we have been sending.

So the year of 2023-2024, with its theme of “CREATE HOPE in the World”, is starting to look positive and enjoyable.

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