Handover Done Face to Face

Our meeting on Wednesday 03 July 2023 was our Club Handover Meeting when the new officers and team leaders take on their jobs for the coming 12 months.

We started with the usual reports on visits to other Clubs, and Handover Meetings at Club, District and National level.  At that point in the meeting, the fire alarm went off in our venue, and we had to decide if it was a fault or a real fire.  The staff at the venue quickly confirmed that we were not on fire and we continued once the loud siren stopped.

President Nigel broke with tradition and awarded just one of the Club’s four trophies.  The Service Above Self Shield was presented to Dick Nathan for his work over the previous months and years enabling the Club to continue working through the Covid-19 pandemic.

President Nigel then gave his report on an eventful year despite all the difficulties.  His chosen charity had been the Centre for ADHD and Autism Support, and owing to other difficulties, there is still one more event that has overflowed into the new year.  He thanked all those that had helped keep the Club moving forward.  And it was then time to pass on the Presidential Collar to Mike.

President Mike thanked Nigel for his year of service, his clarification of the terminology in the Object of Rotary, and presented him with his Past President Jewel.  President Mike introduced his team, and again breaking with tradition, did not induct the new Club Officers – most of whom are continuing in their previous roles.

We then had some announcements concerning a possible quarterly street fair in Kenton, and a reminder that subscriptions for the new year are now due.  Our next meeting will be an on-line meeting and will deal with Club business.

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