Good News & Progress Report

Our meeting on Wednesday 11 October 2023 was an on-line Business Meeting where there was good news, and reports on financial progress.  Before we got down to business though, there were updates on the health of our members who were not able to attend the on-line meeting.

There was good news from our Club Treasurer.  The accounts for the year ended 30 June 2023 have been drawn up, they have been externally examined and approved, and they have now been circulated to the members.  In addition, the accounts for the Club Trust Fund have gone through the same procedures and have been circulated.  Lastly, our Club Treasurer was able to report that the bank mandate for the Club Trust Fund has been updated in record time, allowing the outstanding transactions from 2022-2023 to be processed.  There was a report on the funds raised from the Club Quiz Night at the end of September, and there was confirmation of a decision to donate to the Shelterbox Project, assisting with their replenishment of their stocks following the several natural disasters around the world.

With the change in weather, the Club’s street planter will soon be cleared, and the Club has asked that any plants that can be safely overwintered from the street planter be relocated to the hospital garden at Northwick Park Hospital.  Plans for our charity collections over the Christmas period were also discussed, and some dates are now being finalised.

Plans for the forthcoming North London Disability Games on 15 October 2023 are now in place, and members were reminded of the details.  After that, our next big event is the Concert by the Tonic Choir scheduled for 25 November 2023 in St Alban’s Church, North Harrow, and plans to publicise the concert were agreed and will be put into action.  For tickets (£15 each) please contact events[at]rcnp[dot]org[dot]uk

Lastly, the first meeting in 2024 is scheduled to take place at Chikayan Restaurant in Bushey on 03 January 2024.  That will be followed on 31 January 2024 by a Joint Meeting of the Clubs in the North West of London.  And all this business was conducted in just 45 minutes!

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