Club to Try Shared President

Our meeting on Wednesday 08 November 2023 was our Special General Meeting.  The Special General Meeting is held each year to receive and approve the examined accounts for the prior year, elect by ballot the Club President for the next year but one, electing future Vice-Presidents, the Club Secretary, the Club Treasurer for the next Rotary Year, and electing representatives for the national Annual Conference of the Association in Great Britain and Ireland.

Before we got to the Special General Meeting though, we had reports on a number of events that members had attended including the first new member seminar for several years, and the Diwali lighting ceremony in Kenton with both Mayors in attendance.

Our Club Treasurer had provided the examined accounts earlier and these had been circulated to all the members.  The Club then voted and unanimously approved the Club’s Accounts for 2022-2023 and the Club Trust Fund’s Accounts for 2022-2023.  The Club Treasurer also gave some notes on the examination process, and these will be taken into account when the Club holds its Annual General Meeting in Spring 2024.

For the Rotary Year 2024-2025, the job of Club President will be shared by Ros and Ritu. Ros was last Club President in 2013-2014, and Ritu was last Club President in 2015-2016. The Club President Elect for 2024-2025 (and so Club President for 2025-2026) will be Siva who was last Club President in 2020-2021.  All were elected unanimously.  The Club Secretary and Club Treasurer will need to be sorted later, as will the representatives for the Annual Conference.  The Club also decided on who should be the preferred candidate for District Governor 2026-2027.

The final item of business was the confirmation of the beneficiaries of the Christmas Charity Collections to be conducted by the Club.

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