Business Meeting For Results

Our meeting on Wednesday 13 April 2022 was a business meeting that dealt with many topics both on our projects and on running our Club.

The garden in the centre of Northwick Park Hospital has had its spring cleanup, but there is still more work to do there.

Projects getting resources included the forthcoming “Kids Out” day when a group of youngsters and their carers will be taken to Paradise Wildlife Park just outside London.  Working out the logistics and the risk assessment requires a lot of work!

The Club decided that it would support the Crocus Corm Project in 2022 for the Rotary Foundation (, and has allocated the necessary resources.  The Fundraising efforts of the Club have also been redirected to include the grants available from local government in our community as well as our traditional fundraisers.

The Club has helped a lady in Peru with the launch of a new business, working through the Lend With Care organisation (, and the Club has received an official Thank You certificate for its work supporting the people of Ukraine.

The Club’s Youth Programme is starting to gain momentum again, although competitions for schools have been a challenge during the past two years.

Lastly, the Club has decided to modernise some of the equipment that it uses at its meetings, and approved a budget for that purpose.

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