Fundraising during Covid-19

Our meeting on Wednesday 13 January 2021 was a Business Meeting where the best brains in the Club were put to the problem of how to raise funds during the lock-down.

Whilst Rotary is not just a fundraising organisation, it does need funds so that it can help those in real need.  So this was a real problem that did need a solution.  And the answer to the problem is a milking stool.

A milking stool has just three legs, so no matter how rough the ground it can stand and can be steady.  Our milking stool will involve a Quiz, a Concert and a Special Type of Auction.  These will not all happen at the same time, but they will take place over the next few months.

That is a positive outcome, and in these days of the Covid-19 Pandemic, any positive outcome gets a warm welcome!

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