Diabetes Dissected in Club

Our meeting on Wednesday 17 November 2021 was a face to face meeting with two local experts speaking on Diabetes in our community. The meeting also dealt with the election of our District Governor for 2024-2025, and also worked through the arrangements for the forthcoming schedule of Christmas Charity Collections.

Nazia (right) is a microbiologist, and Payal (left) is a specialist in surgical instruments, and both had come to the Club to talk about diabetes in our community.  Their excellent talk started with the common myths about diabetes, a clear and lucid description of exactly what is happening when someone has diabetes, the two Types of diabetes, and what the symptoms are and how the personal risk factors can affect the probability of having the disease.

Tracking the disease is important, as there can be serious consequences.  There are a series of factors that also affect Type 2 diabetes in populations.  We then moved on to the staggering statistics for both Harrow and Brent, our local administrations (see https://fingertips.phe.org.uk).  The disease is on the up, and whilst there is not much difference based on gender, there is significant difference based on ethnicity and background.

This was a fascinating talk, backed with many references and sources were given for all the statistics.  Well done Nazia and Payal!!

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