Smooth AGM Satisfies

The on-line meeting of the Club on 03 June was the Annual General Meeting.

With a good turnout – 30 people took part – there was plenty of good humour, and even a dog managed to take part at one stage!  The reports were received before the meeting which worked well and saved a lot of time.  The four honorary members were re-elected, and the service chairs for 2020-2021 were elected to the Club Council:

  • Community and Vocational (Mark)
  • Foundation (John)
  • Fundraising (Pankaj)
  • International (Helen)
  • Public Image (Eric)
  • Youth Service (Nigel)

District Council Representatives (Siva, Andrew) and alternatives (Lucille, Pushi) were also elected.  And the whole event was completed in less than a hour.  Next week will be the Club Assembly meeting.

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