Professor Speaks Out

Several members of the Club took part in an interesting presentation organised by the Rotary Club of London on Monday 20 April 2020.  The key speaker making the presentation was a professor of medicine in the USA who was formerly a member of the Rotary Club of London.

We were provided with information about the Coronavirus family as well as the COVID-19 disease.  The pathology of the disease, and the body’s immune response were described in detail.  The Cytokine Storm was also described in detail.  Charts, graphs and statistics were explained in clear, lucid terms without any unnecessary simplification.

Towards the end of the talk, the importance of physical distancing was emphasised, and its relationship to social distancing was explained in detail.  The overall message was a request for ordinary people to help the medical profession by staying at home, because it is that which will allow the medical teams to return home at the end of the pandemic.  There was warm, extended applause for the speaker at the end of the talk.


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