Launching Our Satellite

At a Business Meeting on 12 August 2020, the Rotary Club of Northwick Park started the process on developing a Satellite Meeting of the Club with a view to establishing a Passport Club.  There is still a lot of detail to work out, and those details include money, activities, insurance, rules and much more.

The special guest at the meeting was the District New Clubs Formation Officer Shirley, who was able to answer nearly every question put, and has access to the special support teams for those that delved too deep.

Satellite Meetings have their own officers looking after their affairs, and ours will follow that procedure, but other matters still have to be straightened out and resolved.  However, we look forward to meeting the new team and helping them get themselves established on the Rotary Map!

Passport Clubs are a brand new concept, and are in tune with modern business practices and requirements, and the Club is delighted to be involved in this new development.

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