Fellowship to the fore


Our meeting on 05 June 2019 was a Fellowship Meeting, that is we had no discussion topic prepared and no speaker.  It was a chance to talk to each other.  Two members reported some good news: one had appealed a parking fine successfully, and another had finally had a musical instrument collected by the local schools music service.  A number of D-Day related events were also advertised for those who were available.

One topic that recurs in Clubs and Charities is the changing of signatures on bank mandates – a task that seems to defeat the staff in some clearing banks!  There was a detailed report of the difficulties one member had experienced but there was a good outcome when the bank compensated the organisation for the confusion and their lost time.  Our Youth Exchange Student, Margot, was also at the meeting.

The Club Blood Pressure Day will be held on 18 August 2019, but for the moment the date is provisional!

Next week will be Part 2 of the Club’s Annual General Meeting, and there will doubtless be a report on the Kids Out Day adventure some members of the Club will have on that day.

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