Sacile Visitors made welcome!


On Saturday 2 April 2015, we met up with visitors from our Contact Club in Sacile, Pordenone in North East Italy.

Our visitors were here for Easter – visiting an overseas country at Easter is a popular activity in Italy. In the end we met up at St Paul’s Cathedral and we were able to share some quality time with our friends in a popular coffee shop in Ludgate Hill.

One of the main topics of discussion was the Milan Expo taking place between May and October 2015. The plan is that we will go in late September and stay as home guests of the members of Sacile, and they will organise transport to Milan and back for a day visit to the exhibition, including a visit to the Rotary stand.

This is an example of the fourth part of the Object of Rotary – A Worldwide Fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service, orĀ una rete internazionale di professionisti e imprenditori di entrambi i sessi, accomunati dall’ideale del servire.

Many of the club will be looking forward this wonderful, international experience!

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