Another Load of Aid


Another load of aid was loaded into the Rotary van belonging to Felsted Aid prior to it being driven to Chernihiv (pronounced Cherny-give) in the northern part of the Ukraine.

Following a visit from the Director of the Revival Centre to our Club in October, we have started collecting a regular list of items for the Centre. Many refugees from the fighting in the East of the country had fled to other parts, and some of those arriving in Northern Ukraine are asked to report to the Revival Centre and request help from them.

Felsted2x248The Rotary Club of Northwick Park has had an enduring friendship with the Revival Centre, and collects items of clothing (in good condition) and unwanted toiletries from the list below. In the event that a financial donation is made, the Club uses its commercial networking skills to obtain items at trade price or less.

The following items are required as well as clothing:

  • Sanitary wear, toiletries, disposable nappies, toilet rolls, syringes, bandages, cotton wool, disinfectant, washing power, toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap.

To make a donation, please contact the Club Webmaster or use the link below.

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