Extreme Cooking



A very entertaining yet serious presentation on “extreme” cooking, by Peter Bradley from the Rotary Club of Edgware and Stanmore, reduced members of the club to” tears”.  That is happy, laughing, tears.  Peter showed us another side to his personality and talents and he assured us that he takes these cooking methods seriously and puts them into practise often.

One method is to use the Dish Washer as a cooker.  “Do you use the Dish Washer to cook in? Its common practice in certain households to do just that”, we were told!  “A great way to cook salmon in particular, beautifully and securely wrapped in foil, and cooked to perfection.”  Peter has cooked for many a Dinner Party using the Dish washer.

Another was using his wife’s iron to make toasted sandwiches to demonstrate “how to toast without a toaster.”  We were not surprised to hear that Peter’s wife would not be overjoyed to know that her iron was put to this use when she wasn’t looking!

A unique way to use hotel bedroom equipment  was also explained,  boiling an egg or cooking porridge using an electric kettle or a coffee machine. To toast bread, make toasted sandwiches, cook sausages , bacon  etc. Peter uses  the hotel’s iron.

All very imaginative and creative,  we wondered what the Hotelier’s reaction to the use of their equipment for creative cooking would be if they knew that their guests used their bedrooms as kitchens.

Using your own body heat was another method.  One member was asked to sit on a  previously prepared delicacy wrapped in cling film.  Yes, the Rotarian was asked to sit on “something Peter had prepared earlier!”   It felt very strange!  As to how it tasted we cannot  say, as none of us got the opportunity to taste the “finished” delicacy.

Rotary projects such as Mary’s Meals and other  Rotary International Projects were cleverly woven into the presentation.  We wait to hear  how many of us rushed home to cook our salmon and steam cook our vegetables in the Dish Washer.  That will be a report to  for another day!

A very amusing , entertaining, interesting and “useful” (or not) talk on ” how to cook with equipment not designed for cooking.”  Everyone present enjoyed the presentation and went home well informed and possibly inspired  to be “creative” with their cooking.  Rotarians are strongly recommended not to try these methods in any hotel – at home, or abroad.

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