Youth Exchange Experience





Our speakers on Wednesday 25th April 2012 were Luciana and Chloe, two Rotary Youth Exchange students who had travelled overseas as part of an exchange programme organised through our Rotary Club. Luciana had been to Coronado in California as part of an exchange that we had been told about in August last year. Taylor had come to talk to the club – see picture on the right – and now we heard of Luciana’s experiences whilst she went to visit Taylor’s family. Luciana was most impressed with the life style in California and the friendliness of the people there. Chloe (grey top) had been on a Youth Exchange Camp in Finland. Not normally one to embrace the outdoor life, Chloe had been camping, trekking, swimming and fishing. The experience had changed her outlook, and she hopes to do more of these pastimes in the future. The journey to Finland had been a challenge, and she had taken a large dictionary with her when she went shopping. She was surprised when a member of staff in a shop explained that the 1 cent Euro coin is no longer in use in Finland! Both made excellent speeches, and were a credit to the Rotary Youth Exchange programme. Let us hope that they end up being a member of the Rotary family in due course.

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