Sonning Mill Theatre Visit





Many members of the Club took time off after a busy start to the year to go to the intimate theatre in the Mill at Sonning on the river Thames. They attended the matinee performance of Room Service Included, a comedy by Moya O’Shea and directed by Andy de la Tour. Set in  1954, and deals with the complications that arise from the need to find a co-respondent so that a divorce can be obtained. The pretend lover is an unemployed actor, and as time passes the potential divorcee and the actor  soon discover they have more in common than first thought. Full of intrigue, drama, romance and many laughs along the way, it was an excellent choice for the Club. After the performance, members of the Club were hosted by Sydney and Lucille (pictured) at the Upper Thames Motor Yacht  Club. All agreed that they had a fabulous time!

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