Narinder and Memory Tricks





Our speaker on Wednesday 6 June 2012 was our own member Narinder, otherwise known as Professor Narinder Kapur, the well-known Neuropsychologist. Narinder’s field is memory, and he deals with the tricks his patients can play to improve their memory skills as well as the tricks that our memory plays on us. Narinder displayed an unusually playful approach in his talk to the club, setting us a number of tests during his talk, and motivating us with chocolate prizes for the winners of the tests. One of Narinder’s specialities is the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease amongst sufferers of poor memory recall – there are many causes of poor memory. (Alzheimer’s Day for those that have forgotten is 21 September each year!)  Narinder’s advice was 1) Take it easy; 2) Be well organised; 3) Concentrate; 4) Use appropriate memory aids. Narinder’s talk was illustrated with excellent slides as well as video interviews and cartoons, and your correspondent’s only concern is that something important has been forgotten from this report! Well done Narinder on a ‘memorable’ job talk.






Our member Di had attended a District Conference in Croatia, and brought back a selection of banners from one area in the Rotary world that is amongst the fastest growing in its Youth Exchange activities.

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