Fundraising by a Professional





Our speaker on Wednesday 21 February was Judi Guy, who is the Fundraising Manager for the North London Hospice. Despite not being able to display her carefully prepared PowerPoint presentation (our fault – not hers!), she took us through the task she has to complete each year of finding £6.5million for the hospice to operate. With a large number of supporters, some 13 shops, donations and legacies, there is a lot of work to be done keeping the funds rolling in. Judi spoke about how the organisation had changed its structure as it had developed, and how techniques had changed over time. Her team had spent time research what people were throwing away that had value, and the research was paying dividends. Dedicated sponsored walks were popular, particular if the Hospice itself was at one end of the walk and a famous landmark at the other. Well done Judi, you certainly gave us much to think about, and we agree that it is time for use to introduce a more professional element into our own fundraising.

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