Rocket Stove Cleared for Take-off!





It is Thursday 7th July 2011 and we have Commit, we have Launch! Our project in Malawi to provide a “Rocket Stove” to a school so that the children can have a cooked meal at lunchtime has attracted a significant grant from the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Pictured here is Immediate Past President Stuart with (left to right) District Foundation Chairman Tim Raath and District Governor Trevor. Grants are not easy to get these days, but the proposal put forward by the Club for this project clearly attracted the eye of those adjudicating the grant applications. We now have to purchase the stove, get it shipped to the school, and get it installed and commissioned. This would be hard enough in North West London, but thousands of miles away in Malawi it could be even harder. Fortunately, like all Rotary Clubs, we have excellent contacts around the world, and we will be working with out contacts in Malawi to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Well done to all those involved in the Grant Application!

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