Rotary has a Plan!

Our speaker on Wednesday 27th October was our President Elect Pushpinder. Pushi presented a powerpoint presentation from the Rotary International board on our Strategic Plan for the future. In 30 minutes Pushi covered the current status of clubs, Rotary’s Mission and Vision, the Core Values including their interactions, Rotary’s Priorities, the Successes and their effect on our Public Image, the key challenges, our Image and Brand and their recognition, the feedback on the Strategic Plan from both Rotarians and non-Rotarians and Focus Groups, the key challenges, and the strategic direction that they demand. The Board of Rotary International has adopted the Strategic Plan, and it is now down to us to find ways of implementing the Plan in our Club activities and programmes. A highly informative presentation, but the work needs to start now. Well done, Pushi!

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