More than Food at Foodbank

Our speaker on Wednesday 06 September 2023 was Chonde Nkowani, the manager of the Harrow Foodbank.

The Harrow Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust, and provides emergency 3-day food parcels and other items to people in need, living in the Harrow area, who are in some form of crisis.  The other items include toiletries, cleaning products, baby supplies and pet food.  Next month, October 2023, the Harrow Foodbank will celebrate its 10th Birthday!

Chonde took us through the history of Harrow Foodbank, how it was set up, where the donations of food and money come from, and the four centres from which they operate.  She also had a wealth of statistics on the growth in demand over the years and how that has related to the cost of living and the social climate in our community.

Demand is still increasing year on year, and Chonde described how some 200 professionals in the community are able to provide a referral that will lead to a food parcel.  The Harrow Foodbank operates a controlled system that is not open to all and sundry.  Chonde also described Harrow Foodbank’s plans for the future including coping with the increasing demand, being able to purchase food to supplement and balance the emergency parcels, and plans to start a Community Fridge so that food waste in Harrow is reduced.

Chonde closed by introducing the members to the Shortages List on the Harrow Foodbank Website which can be found at

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