Helping Us By Psychotherapy

Our speaker on Wednesday 29 March 2023 was Rayna Shock, the wife of the Club President.  Rayna was originally a French teacher before changing to psychotherapy. She had worked originally in schools and then moved into working privately.

One in four people in England have mental issues. One in six suffer from anxiety each week. Things have got worse since the arrival of COVID. Now one in five have had suicidal thoughts. In her surgery, if she fears they might harm themselves, she will not let them leave. In the event, one in 14 self-harm on average.

On coming across a client who has self-harmed, then one starts by assessing the wounds, then cleaning the wounds. Next one looks for any hidden wounds. One in 15 self-harmers attempt suicide. Women are three times more likely than men who attempt suicide . Sadly, men are more successful in their attempts than women.  Adolescent mental health is not the same. One in three have issues related to advanced childhood effects.

What is the difference between psychotherapy and counselling? Psychotherapists have longer training and deeper thoughts.  Counselling does not have such deep thoughts, but works with different kinds of models. Neuroscience- started with Freud looking at behavioural-therapy/client-centred relationships. Cognitive behavioural therapy is effective but not so popular with young people because record keeping and diary keeping are required.

Who needs it?  Everyone – especially those finding difficulties in illness, bereavement, divorce, etc.  An interesting talk that led to many questions from the members and a big round of applause from those present.

A matter of business was then discussed, with a change in the signatories of the Club Trust Fund being endorsed unanimously by the club members following a declared period of ill health from the current treasurer.  Now all that needs to be updated is the Bank Mandate!

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