Drilling Ready for Donations

Our meeting on Wednesday 16 August 2023 was a Fellowship Meeting dedicated to providing our members with the drill that needs to be followed accepting donations on the Club’s SumUp device.  Before that, we had a report on the new Bipolar UK Rotary eClub that has been chartered in our neighbouring district – District 1145.

For many years, we have done well with cash donations, but more and more passers-by had announced that they were sorry but they did not have any cash for donation to our supported charities.  Last year, we purchased a SumUp Air device so that we could take donations quickly and easily using credit and debit cards.

Needless to say, some members were more experienced than others, and they had had some problems; either they could not use the SumUp Air successfully, or they could not work the phone that it was linked to for the process.  We had tried with another member’s phone, but it had been switched off and no one knew the passcode to wake it up again.

Our Club Treasurer and Trust Fund Treasurer ran a training session for our members at the meeting, in good time for our collections next month at Morrisons in Hatch End.  As well as working through how to accept a donation, June dealt with everything from the phone being switched off (unintentionally) to the wireless connection to the SumUp Air being lost.  To support the session, June had also prepared a handout with lots of illustrations, and had provided a support phone number in case of difficulties.

We have now got the drill, so let’s hope we get the donations we need for our project work.

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