How We Got Our Snow Tiger

On Wednesday 05 October 2022, our meeting had a speaker – David Cherry – from the Rotary Club of Pinner, who spoke about acquiring an oil painting of a Snow Tiger.

David described how he had fallen in love with the painting of a Snow Tiger during a visit to an art gallery whilst on holiday in the Cotswolds, but the price was more than he and his wife could afford in their new home.  However, over time, his circumstances changed, and what in the past had been unaffordable had become affordable, and he was able to purchase the painting shown below.

With one oil painting in his home, he started visiting art galleries in and around London, and wondered if he would be able to acquire a work by Monet, or Manet, or Renoir, or even Van Gogh!  Sadly that was not to be, but he did finally secure a small picture of an owl by David Shepherd.

This was a fascinating talk, covering wildlife, the workings of the City of London, and was much appreciated by members of the Club.  No animals were harmed!

We also had plenty of good news with a Golden Wedding Anniversary from one corner, and the news that our member with Covid-19 is at last starting to test negative.

Many members have a busy weekend coming with quizzes and the North London Disability Games at the Aspire Leisure Centre (HA7 4AP) on Sunday.


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