Avoiding Aid Dependency

Our meeting on Wednesday 21 April 2021 was a meeting with a speaker.  But as well as the speaker, there was lots of news about the progress with the jabs being received by the members, and their first outings for a very long time to pubs for meals!

Our speaker was Stefan Heintz of Affecteam and Better Globe.  Stefan is based in Spain, but his work activities had taken him across the globe.  He had seen the effects of hunger and poor health care in many countries, and had felt challenged to do something about.

There were areas of overlap with the problems, and there were areas of overlap with the solutions too.  Concentrating on the areas of overlap would produce solutions with the greatest utility and sustainability.  One such area is forestry development and timber harvesting – a sustainable activity when both are practised together!

His talk was challenging, and the Club, which has worked on Microcredit projects around the world, will respond to the challenge.  The goal is not to deliver aid on which people become dependent, but to start business and commerce that employs people, and makes enough profit for the community to fund future growth and development, thereby fulfilling many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

An interesting and informative talk that held the Club’s attention.

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