Spotting Slavery in London

Our speaker on 17 June 2020 was Major Heather Grinsted of the Salvation Army, who spoke to the Club on the subject of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

At a well-attended meeting, with several guests including Mark Little (who is a leading light in the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery) and former member Joy Ogbechi, Major Heather entertained with her personal experience, with a PowerPount presentation, and with two videos.  But the message came through loud and clear that Slavery Must Stop.

With a page of statistics measured over 8 years, we were able to compare how slavery in the United Kingdom compares with other countries round the world.  There was also much practical advice on how to spot the signs, and what action should be taken by ordinary people when the signs are seen.

Her talk was followed by many questions ranging from individual sightings to the progress of a Bill through the Houses of Parliament to petitions to the Board of Rotary International.  This could have been a simple educational talk, but Major Heather succeeded in converting it into a constructive call to action.

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