Club Visits Rotary Club in Italy






Members of the Club took a variety of routes to Italy over the weekend of 10th – 12th  May 2013 to go and visit our friends in Sacile. Sacile is located about 50 miles north of Venice, and is an agricultural area next to the foothills of the Dolomite mountain range. The town has a population of about 25,000 and has industries based on wine production and furniture manufacture. Our hosts, the Rotary Club of Sacile Centenario, organised a wonderful reception for us on the Friday night, in a studio restaurant dedicated to expanding the awareness of local wines and local food specialities. There was the usual exchange of banners and gifts, and President Sandy surprised us all by giving a long speech in perfect Italian!

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On the Saturday, we travelled by coach to the city of Trieste, which none of us had visited before. The city has an enormous port and being located at the top of the Adriatic sea, it has been fought for by almost every land-locked power in Central Europe. Every owner has left its architectural mark on the city!







On the Sunday, we were left to explore the visual delights of Venice, with our party dividing into small groups to explore different areas of the city. It was a wonderful event, and our thanks go to all the members of Rotary Club Sacile Centenario for the hard work that had gone into making this such a successful weekend.

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