Rotary In Northwick Park At Christmas

Despite the terrible weather over recent days, the Rotary Club of Northwick Park has started its programme of Christmas Collections at local supermarkets. The weekend of 23-25 November 2012 saw the team at Sainsbury’s in Kenton. This year, Sainsbury’s in Kenton has chosen the Club for its annual sponsorship programme, and the Club was on display for the whole
weekend despite the almost continuous rain.

During a brief moment of sunshine, we managed to get our Christmas Float on display, and Santa Claus put in an appearance next to our Club President Sandy.

The Club would like to thank all the customers of Sainsbury’s in Kenton for their generous support this year, which exceeded our expectations by a long way. Watch these pages to see how the funds raised are used and click on Events in a week or so to see where the Christmas Float will be touring with Santa in
the run up to the holiday.

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